Body Piercing General Aftercare

Avoid the Following:

If one suspects, in any way, that the piercing might be infected, immediately seek medical attention.

Additional Specific Aftercare for Particular Areas

The Navel

Ear, Ear Cartilage and Facial




Estimated Healing Periods

Ear Lobe
6 to 8 weeks
Ear Cartilage
4 months to 1 year
6 to 8 weeks
Female genitalia
4 to 10 weeks
2 to 3 months
Male genitalia
4 weeks to 6 months
4 months to 1 year
up to 6 months
2 to 4 months
Nasal septum
6 to 8 months
Nasal bridge
8 to 10 weeks
4 weeks
These are approximate, average healing times. Information on the healing time and the aftercare instructions must be provided to clients prior to the piercing procedure as the healing time range and aftercare rigor may not meet with the client's expectations. Human bodies are highly individual and healing times can vary greatly, are not guaranteed and may be complicated by certain medical conditions.

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